Apple Shortcut Mail Message -> New Task in Things

Greetings! First, let me say thanks for this product, and that it’s available on Setapp. I bought it previously, and I’m glad for its further development.

After searching the forum, I’m looking for an Apple Shortcut to

  • Link to a Mail Message
  • Create a new task in Things, with the message link in the note, and the opportunity to add more detail to the task.

I assume this is already made and in use out there. I tinkered with Shortcuts, but I’m not understanding how to create it myself. Thanks.

Also - would be curious how people invoke it. Make a keyboard shortcut in System Settings?

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I just realized Things offers their “Helper” application, which is like Hookmark, specifically for Things. So consider the above just a compliment message to the team :-).

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Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @thejbro . And thanks for asking. There’s Hook to New – Hookmark?