App support: Mellel (Requires closing Mellel's Palette window)

I can confirm that Hook is working for me with both Mellel 4 and 5 documents (and without adding any extra scripts for Mellel). I can link to and from Mellel documents and paste links into Mellel documents.

This is odd, then. It’s working for pubay wihout adding scripts; it works for Wakamatsu with scripts; it doesn’t work for me at all.

I imagine that makes the problem tricky to hunt down and resolve.

My colleague tried Mellel 5 but did not see the AppleScript library. And the script does not work on her machine. But she says the default Hook scripts works fine for her.

What’s your macOS version? And Hook version?

Dear LucB,
How are you getting on?
My OS ver.10.14.6 Mojave,
Hook v.1.7.1(3399).
I do not know default Hook script for Mellel.
Those 2 pngs are excerpt from ver. Mellel 4, which I had in Rereference Scripts. I just add them for my clarification.
I do not care the script for Mellel 5 that should eliminate or as it is.
Please let me know how to get on top line.

Dear LucB,

Let me do it over.
I would like to make sure that methodize.
Without Scripts, I can not clickable URL Link’s behaviour to use.
(Which I posted with pngs in. )
Establish and maintain procedures for Hook URL linking.

  1. Start-up : and Application for any purpose.
  2. Open your Application (fit for the purpose), something designed to get.
    [EG]: Open > App Support Melle (Hook Forum, here)
  3. [Shift+cmd+SPC](go on, then [cmd+C](to capture).
  4. Move to your Mellel 5. [cmd+V] transplanted into desired Page.
  5. Click on the indicated URL in your Mellel 5 page.
  6. You will get URL page or mail item in a little while.
    Under my circumstance, Mac OS Mojave with ver.1.7.1(3399).
    Kindest regards, WAKAMATSU

OSX 10.5.5
Hook 1.7.1 (3399)

Oh, are you referring to a Hook link WITHIN a Mellel document, like this?

That’s not the issue for me. I don’t want such links in most of my documents; I want to be able to hook between the documents themselves and the reference sources. I can do it in Finder, which is fine. It would be nice to be able to do it directly in Mellel.

Dear tonywatkins,
I apologize what I drop a suggestion no use for your wanted to do.
All I can tell you with certainty right now is,
Please ask to provide someone with useful information.
I hope everything will be OK for you.
Sincerely yours, WAKAMATSU

Dear tonywatkins,

Please disclose what kind of document you want to do.
Just to make a link from that document to Mellel or invert ?

You will be able to bound for another way.

I try to link with another possibility using differewnt applications.
I use same behavour as below, I can get calling fot each note.
Take a look new png.

I can’t explain the inconsistency re some users saying Mellel works for them, and others can’t get it work. I have asked my colleague to verify whether it works for her. (One note says yes but I want to double check). Rob Trew above said it worked for him. I don’t recall it working for me. If we can’t make progress, we will need to consider it as unsupported. Really, they need to have an API which we didn’t find.

Here’s a link on requesting linking automation from devs of other apps: . In our experience it’s quite easy to add, but not all devs are into automation, amazingly. We will take that step with them too. We’re currently trying to get 1.8 out asap.

Dear LucB,
Talking of strangeness, why in cases of tonywatkins , can not operate??
According to the circumstances ??
Please make sure, in order to examine this further, we will be satisfied.
I look forward to get and point out the controversial issue.

I’ve raised this with the Mellel developers.

Since I use Trickster too, it’s only one extra step to open the trickster menu and then invoke Hook on the entry for the Mellel document I’m working on, so it’s no big deal. Just a little frustrating.

Thanks very much for the replies, and thanks for your suggestions, Wakamatsu.

Dear tonywatkins,
I was happy to do it.
I do not know about at all nor their behaviour.
Hook is as good as it gets, facilitate my collection of knowledges.
( I am not to change the subject.)
Though it may not be my place to say this as I am not directly involved,
immediate connection with the Mellel developers who could figure out the solution for you.
I connect myself with Mellel 5.0, invited to help localization in Japanese, since 18th June.
They will try their ingenuity at solving, I believe.
I trust you will stay on top of things !!
Kindest regards, WAKAMASTU


Thank you, @Hook8Kuni. Will be in touch with them.


@tonywatkins and @3zra . I think I have figured out the issue – one issue at least. Mellel has a Palettes window. It is available via its Window menu > Palettes menu item. When a Mellel palette is visible, Hook’s contextual window is blank, presumably because Mellel does not respond to the AppleScript in relation to the current document.

There are two work arounds

  1. to dismiss the Pallet window
  2. access Hook via menu bar window (because that causes Mellel to hide its palette window)

You can do the latter by

a. clicking the menu bar icon
b. clicking the Show Hook button

The effect of clicking on menu bar icon depends on Hook > Preferences > General (i.e., whether clicking the menu bar icon directly shows Hook’s contextual window, or whether it brings up Hook’s menu bar window).

@3zra and @tonywatkins: Does the above work for you?

Other possible solutions would be
(a) for Mellel’s dev to provide an API or tweak it.
(b) for someone to add some UI Scripting (but in our view the current default is better than UI scripting, particularly that Mellel seems designed for multiple languages.)

Also, as noted by @NickSloan, one needs to make sure Hook has permission to control Mellel. Also Hook only works with saved documents (non-saved documents don’t have a URL).

Apologies for the time it took to give this enough attention. We’ve been juggling a lot towards dot-releases, 2.0 and other integrations. The issue is actually quite obvious and we ran into this previously with Adobe Illustrator where our default script worked except for palettes (and then worked around it). I have updated the No Linkable Item in … Hook documentation web page, adding a section about palettes. I have also updated the Linkable Mac Apps page, tweaking the note re Mellel.

Anyway, nice to discover this longstanding app that I had never tried before. And thank you for bringing this to our attention, and to everyone who pitched in.

I have added “(Requires closing Mellel’s Palette window”) to the title of this forum entry, so that other readers can get the answer quickly.

Many thanks for looking into this. Unfortunately, neither of the suggested workarounds works for me. Mellel 5 is approved for Automation in the security & privacy preferences. I tried unticking it in the hope that it might force Hook to ask for permission again, in case there was an issue there, but it made no difference. I also tried removing Mellel 5 from the scripts panel in Hook preferences (which I’d added on Wakamatsu’s suggestion).

The Mellel dev Eyal Redler said to me: ‘Regarding Hook, I’ll have a look but I’m a bit hesitant about support Apple Script, I suspect apple will be phasing this technology in the not so far future.’

Out of interest, I just reinstalled Mellel 5. I wasn’t asked to give new permissions or anything, but the two workarounds now do work. Mind you, I think it may be just as easy to continue using the Mellel doc entry in Trickster since I’m used to accessing that menu icon a lot.

Now I just need to reset everything in Mellel . . .

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sorry to hear that point of view. The API can also be JavaScript, which is also used on iOS.
whereas Apple is working towards unification of platforms, they have also signalled that macOS is unique and will continue to be supported.

Basically, Hook can work with any linking API that a third party dev provides. I.e., we have built a framework in Hook that allows us, and any customer, to easily customize Hook to work with linkable apps. So unless Mellel is saying “We will not support automation, we’d like our app’s files to remain isolated in a walled garden”, I guess they will want their app’s resources to be linked to anything.

Anyway, glad to see it is working for you.

I’ll pass that on to Eyal. He’s not ruling it out altogether, just (too) hesitant.

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Great to hear!

Given the renewed interest in linking, I think he will find that a linking API is a great way to keep up with the new tools who have linking built into them.

On our side, we’re delighted that the area of R&D we’ve been engaged in since 2001 is gaining ‘mainstream’ acceptance /appreciation.