Anything in iPadOS 15 showing promise for Hook

Being on the Public Beta for OS15, and using the fascinating QuickNote, shows me that it is possible (maybe only for Apple) to get links to items in various Apps. Craft, Mail, Safari, being examples I use. I expect that QN will encourage other apps to provide this Quicknote integration.This begs the question of whether a Hook implementation on the iPad could provide a similar linking mechanism. It would seem the underlying system support is there.

While I use Hook on the Mac, I sorely miss a similar feature on the iPad, which is my preferred device now. Do you have any insights?

just a quick note (if you will forgive the pun) to say that we are planning to blog about this.

meanwhile we are making good progress on the iPad/iPhone companion app.


Great to know. Please share a link to the post once it’s out. Ipad functionality will be fantastic.

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Any chance the blog post came out and I missed it? Would love to read what you’re doing in this front. Thanks!

This is unfortunately still in my “guilt pile” of unfinished documents.

As for Hook for iOS and iPadOS, we were hoping to open the beta this month but it’s looking like next month. We submitted a bundle to Apple in August and are in back-and-forth, so we’re close.

That’s awesome to hear! Happy to be a tester if needed. :slight_smile:

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Now using an iPad syncing Bear notes between my MacBook and iPad. My Bear notes often have Hook links within pointing to webpages. The links don’t open on the iPad. Is there any update (now = April 2022) on plans for a Hook iPad version? Or is there a way to open the links that I don’t know?


We started a beta in Dec of Hook software for iPad and iPhone. It’s going well. @zsbenke also shared integration with DEVONthink here Archive Hook bookmarks with DEVONthink - #3 by zsbenke - Scenarios - DEVONtechnologies Community .