Any 2023 update of Hookmark on IpadOS or IOS?

I’ve been waited for Hookmark for IPad.
But couldn’t find any recent updates or annoucement about IPadOS or IOS versions.

So… could anybody tell me about Hookmark for ipad or ios?
I’m seriously looking forward to use Hookmark on Ipad :slight_smile:

Thank you

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the current plan is to release it some time after Hookmark 6 and some unannounced features on the Mac side. we have not committed to a calendar date.

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Hi Luc!

Any updates on Hookmark for iOS? You mentioned last year, you were hoping for January or February 2024.


The TestFlight App is expiring within the next 24-hours so hopefully we see something soon.

@Frank No update about ETA of coming out of beta, sorry.