Another Fantastical issue with links

For some reason Fantastical links have stopped working. Its actually been the case for a few weeks but I hung on in case an update came out. When I go to make a hook the link it creates looks likes it comes out in the wrong order. Here’s a link I made for an appointment for tomorrow.


That looks to me like the text has come out in the wrong order? Sadly I know zip Applescript so can’t really offer a solution. Any suggestions?


Hook uses UI scripting for working with Fantastical. Does its native Copy Link no longer give a decent URL ?

You need to change the short date format for macOS to year month day.

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Ah, great spot. Unfortunately I need it in that format for something else, but at least I know what the problem is. I’ll try and figure a work around. Thank you.

The workaround would be to get that string then flip it round in the AppleScript. Never had the time to sit down and figure that out though.