Amazing Marvin integration with Hookmark

Hi. New user. Would love to use Hookmark with my choice of self-management programs, Amazing Marvin. Amazing Marvin can be run in a Web browser tab, and includes a feature called “Deep links”: every item in the core database of tasks & projects has a link that can be used to go to that item.

I copy the item’s Deeplink in Marvin, “Focus on link in Clipboard” in Hookmark, rename the link to something useful to me, and use that. Unfortunately, that Hook opens the target in a browser window — I want it to open in the desktop version of the app. Any suggestions?

NB: I have almost no idea what I am doing with Hookmark. I have been using it for two hours.

TY for considering :slightly_smiling_face:.

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Welcome to the HookProductivity forum, @Kirby.

Unfortunately, Hookmark does not have control of this.

I googled, only found this:

Perhaps you can check with Marvin developers.

Thank you


Thank you very much. That was exactly the information that I was looking for. I have alerted the developer.

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