All (well almost all) link menu items grayed out

I just upgraded to Hook 1.3, and I noticed all items in the link menu are grayed out (see attachment). I’ve unchecked/rechecked the accessibility permissions and rebooted, but no luck. The only item that is not grayed out is the “Reveal in Finder” item when I’m invoking Hook on a file. Any ideas?

that’s weird. it’s as if the app reverted to Lite in which case in you would at least be able to “Copy Link”. In that case reactivating the license should work. I don’t suppose this is in a new macOS account?

If it’s the above, then if you search your email from Paddle containing “License Key”, there will be an activation link. If it tells you it has expired, it will email you a new one. Or you can PIM me to send you a new link from the Paddle console (I’ll need the email address you used to purchase).

oh, I hadn’t noticed that text. That does suggest that Hook reverted to Lite, because that function is available in Lite.

Also if you look at About Hook, it will tell you the status of the license.

Paid licenses of Hook activated on any given macOS user account should not revert to Lite. Hook only is supposed to revert to Lite after trial expiration. If it’s installed a new machine it needs to go through the same activation process.

Hi @LucB, thanks, reactivating solved the issue! I had never used the Lite version so I was confused about this change.

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I’ve moved this out of the bug report category into discussion, because it was a matter of activating the license.

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