Adding a hook tag to Devonthink Hook items?

Newbie to Hook,
I might be missing something here, but, what I want to do is to have the “hook” tag added to any item I Hook in Devonthink. New or existing items I would like the hook tag to be added.
Is there an addition to the Devon script provided by Hook that someone has made?
I am not familiar with Applescript or I would make it and share myself.

Seems to be useful to identify my hooked items in Devonthink.

Thanks in advance,

It’s simple to ensure Hook adds a tag. Please see Scripts to Apply & Sync a DEVONthink “Hook” tag — and More DEVONthink Goodies – Hook.

Hi Luc

Unfortunately, this only adds a tag to the finder but does not seem to add a tag to Devonthink directly. Is there another setting I am missing or is there a line or two that needs to be added to the DEVON script?


Perhaps the script from Scripts to Apply & Sync a DEVONthink “Hook” tag — and More DEVONthink Goodies – Hook does not work on your machine. But it will not add tag to Finder, guess it is done by Hook.

Could you please run the script in Script Editor and see if there is any error message?

Thank you

Hi Tom, like @bchend mentioned, the integration with DEVONthink will not add a Finder tag. Perhaps you are doing Hook to New and set your default folder to a folder that is indexed by DEVONthink (which is a good idea for DEVONthink users). In that case, yes, you’ll get a Finder tag.

thank you. Ah, this is the piece I was missing that LucB and you are referring to.
It works, I added this to a keyboard maestro script that runs every 10m as a trigger. Works fine now.

Thank you.

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