Activating your license - How do I activate it?

I purchased a license as my trial was running out and I can’t figure out how to activate it.

When I go to the page titled “Activating your license of Hook productivity app for Mac” it just says this:

“Activating your license of Hook productivity app for Mac” will be published here.

Please help.

After purchase you should have received an email with a long URL to click on to activate.


Your Hook Pro Order

ooops!!! I’ll fill that out right now and link to it here.

In a nutshell, as Steve mentioned, you should have received two emails from Paddle:

  1. subject: Your order: Hook Pro (or Hook Essentials)
  2. subject: Your Hook Pro Order

the latter contains a License Key URL. That URL loads in browser which then asks for permission to invoke Hook. Hook will then activate your license.

License emails (in #2 above) expire after a couple of weeks, after which they need to be resent. I’ve asked the development team to increase their life.

Sorry for the blank webpage, coffeencoke. And thank you for pointing it out. And welcome to the Hook productivity forum.

The web page, Activating your license of Hook productivity app for Mac – Hook, now contains explanations. Please let us know if you have questions.

PS, my process in writing the webpage and the reply above is a use case for Hook:

  1. Using Hook, I linked the current forum topic to a .txt file (edited in BBEdit) in which I wrote the web page.
  2. Using Hook, I also linked the web page to its .txt file source (stored on Finder, and in a revision control system).
  3. While writing the web page and my reply, I used Hook to navigate between these three docs.

That means in the future when I revisit the help page, I can quickly navigate back to this forum post about it, and vice versa. And I can quickly get to the Markdown source. (We keep a Markdown source for almost every blog post and web page we publish on the website. That way we can write with the full power of a macOS desktop editor, rather than in the crummy confines of WordPress.)

Because my current reply was so long, I used BBEdit to write it. I did:

  1. ⌘N (“Link to New” ) to get a .txt file that Hook created and linked to the current Discourse topic.
  2. I wrote my reply in the .txt file using BBEdit.
  3. I pasted it in Discourse.

It took a few tries to get this happening. The first couple of clicks on the licence key brought up a Buy dialogue box. The third try a couple of minutes later was successful. I don’t know whether your system takes a while to exchange purchase information between the relevant servers. If so, maybe a notice somewhere would soothe anxious customers?

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