Activate command via Terminal? (For supporting Jupyter Notebook)

One of the types of document I use is a Jupyter Notebook ( That requires me to invoke a script in Terminal:

jupyter notebook file.ipynb

Which then brings up the browser with the ‘editor’.

How do we simply make that work in Hook?

  • Charles

Oh all right. I’ve figured it out by myself. The answer is to find an app to invoke that particular file type, associate that app with the corresponding file extension in Finder, then create the link by selecting the file in Finder.

Here’s how to invoke ipnyb files: . I installed nbopen, then created an using automator. The bash script in automator’s ‘Run Shell Script’ was:

 nohup <my home directory>/anaconda3/bin/nbopen "$@"

And yes, it’s a bit flaky, but most of the time it works…

Actually, of course, the real answer to my question was “use automator to create an app that runs the shell script, then associate that app with the file extension”. Sounds complicated, but takes ten minutes or less!

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Sorry for the delay in responding to this, @CharlesWeir. It slipped under my radar somehow. Late welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum. And congratulations on figuring this out.

Jupyter looks very interesting.

On first reading about Jupyter on its website, I thought it ran in a web browser. So I asked "Sounds like the editor does not expose a URL that you can simply open from a browser that would invoke a web app (locally running?) to load the URL. "

Very glad you got it working, and thanks for sharing it with others. I hope other Jupyter users will get into Hook and share their linking experience here too.

I’ve added " (For supporting Jupyter Notebook)" to the title of this topic to make it easier for others to find it.