1Password (or other password manager)


I am currently using 1Password, which does not seem to be linkable. However, since the upcoming version (8) will drop the native Mac app in favor of a cross-platform electron app, i am already looking into alternatives anyway (hopefully hook-able!)

Any suggestion?

Hook now has a work-around you can use with any app that has a Copy Link function (which 1p has):

  1. you can manually use its “copy link” function" and then
  2. Focus on Link in Clipboard ; there you can rename the bookmark if you want

with the URL, you can also use Hook to Copied Link .

Thanks @LucB!
I cannot find the “Copy Link” action, but maybe that is because i am using the non-cloud version?

There’s no cloud version of Hook. You can sync to iCloud but that does not affect the UI.

Sorry, i meant i do not have a menu entry Copy URL in 1Password.

When using Hook on a 1P entry, i get “no hookable items found”.

you can manually use its “copy link” function

I do not have a “Copy Link” function in my 1Password 7. Can you elaborate where to find it?


If you right-click on an item in 1Password, you can find copy link in the share menu.

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Hey tony,
thanks, but it’s not showing up for me. Will ask 1P directly.

Here’s how I copy private links in 1password 7:

  1. select an entry
  2. click on share button in top right corner
  3. select Copy Private Link

Share buttons are common in macOS apps.

or using menubar:

You can define a keyboard shortcut if you do this a lot.

I’ve heard 1password is developing or has developed an Electron version of their app. (Some other devs are going the other way.) In any event, that will have a non-native UI, and presumably look different .