Using Hook with Fantastical by Flexibits

As many of you know, we at CogSci Apps received many requests for Fantastical integration. We worked with Flexibits over the summer who kindly provided an API allowing us to integrate Hook with Fantastical.

We’ve now written up

some use cases include copying links to Fantastical dates and pasting them into task lists and meeting notes; and hooking a meeting agenda to a fantastical date. Other use cases are mentioned in the help page.

Please feel free to let readers here know how you’re using Hook with Fantastical.


This is probably the integration I use the most. Whenever I get a new meeting I need to prepare for I use Hook to create a new Obsidian note and add a task there to prep. Then when it comes to the day I can easily bring up my notes and agenda for each meeting. I also Hook between related meetings (E.g. staff management one-on-ones) so I can easily refer to last meeting’s notes.

Then in other meetings if I unexpectedly need to make a note it’s super simple to use Hook to create a new Draft (my default Hook to New).


Hi - this sounds interesting! But how do you create a new Obsidian document from Hook? I can’t find it in my list of apps for the “Hook to new…” entry.

Many thanks for any suggestions or examples!


Thanks! I‘ll give it a try.

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This is very useful, Thanks so much!

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