Skim deep links stopped jumping to selection after update

Sorry I forgot to ask your Hookmark version and script version. You can find the info in Hookmark about window.

Could you please go to Hookmark Preferences window ->Script ->Skim, is the app name “Skim” or “Skim *”? If it is “Skim *”, could you please click on “Reset to default” button and then try again?

Thank you!


  1. Are you having problems with hooked links (in the Hookmark window)? If so, please note that Hookmark does not display multiple hooks to the same PDF.
  2. could you please also paste a deep PDF link in Spotlight and see if it works? Maybe you’ve already done that.


Problem solved!
Resetting the script to default was the solution.
It is strange because I do not remember ever fiddling with the scripts.
Anyways, thank you all for your outstanding support and for Hookmark of which I am a big fan.
:vulcan_salute:t3:live long and prosper.

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