Selecting multiple files generates a link to a folder

When I select multiple files within a subfolder and then create new link, the link created is to the parent folder, and often the great-great-great-grandparent folder (e.g. “Documents”).

The only workaround I’ve fond is to gather a bunch of documents in the “shelf” app Yoink, and then drag those (virtual) files to the menu-bar with the mouse. That suggests a feature request, using Yoink as a model: if one could add to the menu-bar “landing pad” (ideally with a keyboard shortcut, as with Yoink), and then – once the set of items is gathered together – the linking could be advocated (a button in the menu-bar field and a “Link Collected Items / Addresses”), that would really make this a lot easier!

I previously replied but I think I had misunderstood your post. So I will try again.

that is the currently expected behavior.

that would be a bug. Can you reproduce this? I have not seen it.

When you select multiple files, I think one would expect the operation (e.g., “Copy as Link”, “Link to Copied Address”, “Link to New”) to happen on all files. That is not the current design. The implementation is in line with the design. So I think we are dealing with a feature request rather than a bug, if the expectation I described is what you want.

OK. I think you are talking about having an accumulator. We definitely want to extend the functionality of the app to add an accumulator, and the menu bar icon is indeed where I have been thinking of doing this.

So, I think the current discussion can be moved to “feature requests” category, except for the grandparent issue if it is replicable.

By the way: the one to many menu bar icon-mediated linking feature addresses hub and spoke linking. drop the hub, H, on the menu bar icon. then drop N files on the menu bar icon. H will be linked to each of N, and vice versa.

You can also do full mesh linking: drop N items together on the menu bar icon and they will be linked together.

But enabling the menu bar icon to enter “accumulator” mode would also be helpful.

See also this related post I’ve put under “Feature Request”: Managing sets of linked items - #8 by AutonomyGaps

I’m still thinking this is a bug. As you can see from the screen shot and the md link, when I select three files in a folder, and use Hook to “Link to New Note” the link is to the parent folder, not to the items selected.

The issue is that this fails to distinguish between the cases in which I want to link to 3 specific files in a folder and cases in which I want to link to the whole folder. Big difference. It wasn’t clear from your earlier email what the design is intended to be, but surely this is a crucial difference; many people have hundreds of files in a folder.

BTW: At the moment, I can’t recall how I created a link that jumped several levels in the hierarchy, but I’ll post that when I do.

Here’s the Markdown link generated:

[Sleep research.txt](hook://file/Rp02FUD5L?p=SG9vay9ub3Rlcw==&n=Sleep%20research.txt)

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thank you for the screenshot and description. The app is behaving in accordance with the screenshot and design. However, I think the design can be improved. Given that you have selected 3 files, it would be more intuitive (and better) for Hook to link the new file to each of the selected files.

So it’s a “bug” in the design (though it was done deliberately to streamline development).

yes, I agree. I hope my comment clarifies the issue. And we do intend to more extensively support linking from multiple files.

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Great! That’s what beta-testing is for…