Pinboard Alternatives - Development Request

Hi! Do you ever experience some serious lagging with URL Manager Pro? It is something I keep coming back to but can’t seem to use it without it hanging. I don’t think I’m doing anything crazy with it, but it’s weird!

I’ve been a long time Pinboard user, but I really used it for a couple years. The cost/benefit of organizing bookmarks didn’t seem to be good, so I stopped using it and it made no difference for me. Maybe I’m losing something here.

How does bookmarking help you guys and how does it integrate in your daily workflow?

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Instapaper for me, please.

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I’d appreciate support for Pocket please!

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Last time I checked Pocket did not have an adequate API. Maybe it has now. (I use Pocket too.)

I vote for Instapaper please


I vote for GoodLinks.


I would need to return to this topic later to more completely answer, but for a quick answer: in the “Surf strategically” and “assess analytically” principles/chapters of Cognitive Productivity with macOS: 7 Principles for Getting Smarter with Knowledge , I presented an argument for using this kind of software to be more deliberate about one’s reading.

In “assess analytically” , I presented the CUP’A schema: caliber, utility, potency, appeal. Tags can be used for some of these (e.g.,*1 ... *5 for caliber ratings, $1… $5 for utility ratings). It’s not that one should do this for every reading. But doing it occasionally can make one more deliberate about one’s readings (i.e., whether or not one explicitly tags them that way, eventually one forms the habit of assessing readings that way, which can help one focus on them. That helps (or so the argument goes) one to spend more time on higher caliber, more useful readings, rather than what is merely _appealing" — the “A” in CUP’A.

Topic tagging can also help one interpret a document, attempting to classify it.

I also personally use a tag like “talkworthy” for stuff that I might want to talk about at upcoming social events. It’s not that I need to consult the tag. Merely intentionally doing that can cement the content in my head. (I hate boring social conversations as I’m sure most people here do.)

I also suggest thinking about the utility of documents in terms of one’s projects. I illustrated that in my books with a system that leverages Pinboard. But really what one needs to do is link readings to projects. Hook was released after the book was first published , and it makes possible several ways to link topics and projects (so no need to use Pinboard for that). That’s the “utility” aspect. Utility (in the CUP’A schema) is project related. (Thinking about utility of info without relating it to projects [or at least goals] is not very helpful).

Another benefit of “read it later” services may seem a bit ironic: bookmark something for future reading which may help you stay on track (not just for ADHD, but anyone to not be distracted by seductive documents) and not even “read it later”. I.e., “read it later” services are also don’t read it services” which saves you time. Hook already bookmarks stuff for you, so you wouldn’t need to add it to a bookmarking SaaS for that particular benefit. Hook doesn’t yet have tagging, so using a service that does gives you some of that. (One can however use Hook’s rename command for tagging if one has a system. Currently non alpha-numeric characters however are not useful for search in Hook.)

Pinboard’s (and competitors’) full text search is handy. I use it often and it does surface useful stuff. Hook really shines here because as soon as you bookmark something with Hook, you have it in Pinboard, and then you can find it with full text search if Hook itself doesn’t surface it (if you pay for Pinboard’s full text search feature).

other benefits are mentioned in the book, and I’m sure other bookmarking SaaS users have other reasons too.


Oh, that’s disappointing.

I vote for Goodlinks


My vote is for Raindrop. Their API is fairly mature at this point


Goodlinks does not seem to have an API to get the name and address of the currently selected link. Goodlinks users might want to request that Contacting Developers of Other Apps and Information for Developers – Hook for a better integration.

Looks like GoodLinks does have x-callback-url for adding bookmarks.

I’ve been corrected by someone here at CogSci Apps “GoodLinks actually has copy URL/copy MarkDown. But it seems it is not working”. Anyone have luck with it?

Internally, we’ve got a first round of integration with GoodLinks: automatically adding bookmarks to GoodLinks when a Hook bookmark is added. Unfortunately the x-callback-url to add a bookmark ( goodlinks://x-callback-url/save?quick=1&x-error=hook://x-callback-url/error&url=bookmarkurl&title=thetitle) also causes GoodLinks UI to come up, which is not what most people will want.

We’re getting in touch with the developers to see if they can update their x-callback-url to provide a smoother experience.

Good news - any way we can try it out (with the glitch)?

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Thanks for volunteering, Chris. We might announce a limited beta. There’s also substantial changes to Hook’s sync (fewer files). So we’d seek feedback on that.

To close the loop on this Hook 3.2 enables users to automatically add bookmarks to GoodLinks (v. 1.3.1+ required) and Instapaper. Thanks all for the feedback.

Hook 3.2 also supports GoodLinks as a linkable app, meaning you can invoke Hook in GoodLinks (1.3+) and Hook will show you the links related to the webpage.

Any news on support?


it’s still in the pipeline. we’re also looking at Pocket.


+1 for Raindrop support

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