Open Hook Links in Different Browsers

Is there a way to open Hook links in different browsers?

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @EdwardDarrah .

Technically, in web browsers Hook returns web addresses (typically http or https). When Hook is asked to open a link, Hook leaves it up to macOS to dispatch that URL. In case of http(s) URLs, this will typically be the default web browser associated with that macOS user account, though there is software that can tailor that a bit.

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Got example:


There are a bunch of other apps with similar functionality to OpenIn, too.

Additionally, some web browsers have a menu item for sending a page to another browser. For instance, in Safari, if you turn on the Developer Menu via the application’s Advanced preference pane, the first item on under the Develop menu lets you choose another browser to open the current webpage.

Thank you for the reply and suggestion. I am a SetApp subscriber-so I will be sure to check this out. Thank you.

Thanks for the reply and app suggestions. Do you recommend or use a specific app? I plan to start with OpenIn since I’m a Set App subscriber. However, I’m open to using another solution if it is more effective or efficient.

Thanks again for your help.

I’m a BetterTouchTool user, so I just use that. It gets the job done for me without needing to spend extra cash.

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