Making Alfred Workflow: removeHook not working

I’m writing an Alfred workflow for viewing my bookmarks and deleting the ones that I don’t want anymore. I’m using JSX with the following:


where query is the JSON structure passed from the listing of all bookmarks. How should I use it to delete just one hook?

here’s an example:

var myApp=Application('Hook');

var  bookmark1 = myApp.bookmarkFromURL('');
var bookmark2 =myApp.bookmarkFromURL("/Users/user1/output.txt");

myApp.removeHook({between: bookmark1, and:bookmark2})

we’ve discovered a crash that happens with automated call to remove link. The fix will be in the upcoming update to Hook.

Oh. In order to remove an item (ie: “/Users/user1/output.txt” in your example), I would need to delete all “Hooks” between it and other items. I was just thinking of deleting the one node and all the edges would be deleted as well (looking at it as a graph of information).