iOS Version in the future?

I work in many different environments and need macOS and iOS versions of pretty much everything. Any plans for an iOS version?

Yes, that is being planned in conjunction with multi-device syncing of Hook. We can’t provide a precise ETA yet but will try to keep people posted and invite beta testers.

Already today however you can paste links garnered from Hook into documents and fields of objects synced with iOS and third-party apps. For instance, you can use Hook to get Markdown formatted links to web pages or OmniFocus tasks that you paste in an app like Bear or Drafts whose contents sync across devices. As long as the app in the context of which you invoke Hook generates addresses (“URL’s”) that can be resolved on the iOS side, the links will work. Of course links of the form hook:// do not yet port over to iOS.

We’ll publish more about what, even without a Hook iOS client, you can do with these links across devices. Perhaps some of the contributors to the forum will want to share their experience too.

Perhaps relevant notes could be added to the supported apps page — and maybe that page needs to evolve to a table of available features (can link, can make new, URLs work on iOS)


So here you indicated that an iOS version was planned, work to be concurrent with the sync feature now in beta. Any update on the iOS version of Hook?

The sync feature turns out have been done as a pre-requisite to the iOS version. We have prioritized other requests with our limited resources (such as upcoming automation, and a bunch of other things), and some other things took longer than expected (the nature of the beast, in my experience). However, the iOS version is still on our roadmap and very much a priority this year. Some of our other Hook software development (some hinted at already, some unannounced) for macOS is also directly relevant to Hook for iOS (meaning the Hook iOS app will benefit from it). I would still rather not put forth an ETA until we have more clarity.

I think the Hook for iOS version will benefit a lot from the time we have taken. There’s lots of interest that we have scoped out that was not apparent to us previously.

I’m very excited by it.