iOS Version in the future?

Awesome! Excited to give it a try when it’s ready!


Hey there, me too, me too!

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Newbie here. Just want to add my voice to the chorus eager to see Hook working on iPad OS. I have switched completely to iPad Pro, where I use Bear and have begun experimenting with Craft. My Mac is history.

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I’m hoping for an update on iOS, and Hook 3.0, before the weekend.

No timeline to offer on iOS except that our approach to it has developed over time; we are working on it in parallel with the pure Hook for macOS; and the iPhone/iPad functionality will be available this year. It is not an alternative to Hook for Mac (Paddle version) and the pricing will be fair to Hook to Mac users. macOS is still far more powerful and convenient than iOS/iPadOS. Moreover, Hook (Paddle) has benefits for iOS users. We’re waiting for Hook 3.0 to be released before we say more about those benefits because Hook 3 contains additional magic that translates to iPad/iPhone, as will subsequent versions of Hook.

I don’t understand these references to “paddle” ……

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I, too, am confused by the references. Are the Paddle and macOS / pure macOS versions different?

Fingers crossed. Eager to try Hook on iPad Pro.


I may be wrong, so please correct me if this isn’t right, but I think that (even though the app Paddle comes to mind), they are referring to it being a companion application as opposed to being a full-fledged one

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That’s right, it will be a companion application. The Paddle version of Hook is much more powerful because it does not have all the sandboxing restrictions that App Store imposes, also the implementation is with a more powerful framework.

The App Store will give you access to the bookmarks you create using the Paddle version. We’ll wait till closer to the date to publish lots of details — development is rather dynamic.

That’s in line with my expectations. If I could simply have the links, that I set in my Mac, work on my iOS devices, I’d be content for a while.


Is Paddle an app that will be on the iOS store? Can’t find it there. I’d appreciate clarification, as I’m lost on the thread, and would love to use Hook on iOS, especially on iPad, which is my main work device.

There’s no version of Hook productivity app on App Store yet. App Store is the only store for iOS/iPad OS.

Hook for Mac is sold here: Buy Hook – Hook . is the merchant of record that executes the transactions (handles payment and taxes).

Like I said: the App Store version will not have the functions of Hook for Mac for contextually creating hooks. it’s just a companion app. So Mac users will want to get Hook for Mac.

Ok. Thanks for clarifying. I didn’t even know Hook was on the Mac App Store. :slight_smile:

Hook is not on the Mac App Store. This thread is is a response to people asking whether a variant will be on Mac App Store and the answer is a companion app will be. Hook itself will remain on Paddle; MAS will never have all of what Hook can do, due to its limitations.

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This is a rather old thread of two years ago. I have tried and eventually purchased hook for my Mac, although its use is still limited because of the lack of an iOS app. Any news regarding the release of the companion app (so that the links I create on my Mac actually make sense when I click on them on my mobile devices)?

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @gthalassis. And thanks for your interest in Hook products.

We expect to publish the iOS/iPadOS companion app this year. It does not replace Hook for Mac. It makes your bookmarks available on iPhone and iPad.

Hook for Mac already has many features that enable you to benefit on iPhone and iPad as well, such as

  • when you Copy Link or Copy Markdown Link, you can paste those links anywhere you like. See Hooked on the Copy Link Habit – Hook . If those items are synced in iCloud or whatever, those links will be available on your iPhone/iPad.
  • Hook to New > OmniFocus, Apple Notes, Bear, Craft, Drafts come to mind inserts a URL in the item
  • your notes folder (Hook to New ) can be in iCloud or other cloud folder
  • Hook to New > DEVONthink
  • integration with Pinboard (and soon Instapaper and GoodLinks) can automatically add a bookmark in those services/apps.

but I agree, it will be very helpful to have the iPhone/iPad companion app.


This will be fantastic to see! :slight_smile:

That being said, will I be able to create links on ipad/iphone and then open them in these devices or in Mac, or will it just be a viewer? My main computer is an iPad Pro, so obviously I would prefer to be able to create links in iPadOS. Given that at least Obsidian, Things and Craft can create links that work on iPadOS/ios, I’m hoping it will be possible for Hook. :pray::crossed_fingers:

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closing this topic in favor of Hook software for iPad and iPhone (iOS/iPadOS) - Announcements - Hook Productivity Forum.