Improved multi-monitor support

I’m running a two monitor setup, laptop plus a bigger main screen. The email client sits on the laptop screen. If I activate the hook window to copy a link of an email message, the Hook window that will give me a choice of copy a link to the message will pop up on the main screen. It would be nicer if I would get the Hook window on the same screen where I’m currently working with the mouse pointer.


I’m facing the same issue. I would like to be able to pick which screen it appears on (main vs screen with current window).

I see some cases where assigning Hook to a specific window would provide some valuable privacy in cases of shared screens/presentations/etc. I don’t always want the people who see my presentation screen to know that certain hooks exist. :slight_smile:

Sorry this fell off our radar. In my case, after I move the Hook popup window onto a different screen, the next times I invoke the window, it appears on the same screen and in same position (i.e., the repositioned location). However, after quitting, on relaunch, it returns to the original screen.

Are you seeing a different behavior? Or is the request for the display on which to position Hook to persist across launches of Hook?

@bshi promptly figured out what I had failed to realize:

Launching from menu bar icon always reposition the input window to centre. Launching Input Window by keyboard shortcut does not have this problem, and show the window in the last position.

I fixed the problem so the position of Input Window is sticky for both mouse and keyboard.

That will be in Hook 2.0.


We rolled out improvements in Hook 2.0 in 2020. There are additional improvements in Hook 3.4 public beta. Closing this topic so we can take up the discussion in relation to Hook Version 3.4 Public Beta now available: Improved search and more - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum. The focus is still dependent on where the interaction is (i.e. the active window), given Hook is contextual by nature. However, we have a ticket to override that with an advance setting (I give presentations and do screencasts too).

That is in Hook 3.4 Public BETA 2 (4596; Integration v. 191) – Hook : From Terminal do

defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook hook.window.position.ignore.key-focus 1

to be able to manually control on which display Hook is presented, regardless of what window has the focus.

this post on the forum: Hook Version 3.4 Public Beta now available: Improved search and more - #8 by LucB