Hook with Tap Forms

Hi There,

I’m a new user of Hookmark, and in love with it!
I use an app called Tap Forms 5 on a daily basis, and I see great potential in using it with Hook.
Can the development team please link Hook to Tap Forms? I believe Tap Forms has a Scripting API documentation, and I see some relevant discussion here to get started.

Any help in pointing me to making my own script would also be appreciated!


Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @praj . Does it have a Copy Link function or use files? If files, can you copy the path within the app.

Hi Luc,

A few observations:

  • Under the Edit menu, there is a function named Copy Record Link, which seems to be the same as getUrl() Javascript function mentioned in the online manual.
  • But it doesn’t give the record name (via the Focus function in Hookmark on that link), so it becomes difficult to understand what the record is about:
  • There are Applescript based functions in the Script Dictionary/Library.

Tapforms has a download link to the trial app on their homepage - please have a look if possible.


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Plus 1 for Tap Forms 5

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And another one… Would be great!

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We have updated our script server with the fix for Tapforms.

Please go to Hookmark Preferences window → Update to check out the latest script, version 253.

Hookmark get the selected form’s title using UI Scripting. It is brittle. Currently, it only works for the default view. For all other views, you can use Hookmark’s rename feature to change the title.

Thank you


Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @praj, @Tossn, and @just. Thanks for bringing this also Canadian :canada: app, Tap Forms, to our attention. It looks very cool. The app does not have a method to get the name and title of the current item, nor to create a new item (returning name and title). So our initial support is based on “UI scripting”, which has several limitations. Still we’ve added the app to the apps page with this qualification, and a link to this topic.

We’ve been in touch with the developer on your behalf to ask them for the feature, per Contacting Developers of Other Apps and Information for Developers – Hookmark. The growing movement towards linking is a multi-developer, multi-customer effort summarized in Manifesto for Ubiquitous Linking. We invite you to sign it too.


@bchend @LucB - This is absolutely brilliant!

I’ve been studying AppleScript myself and playing around with how I can get Tapforms to work with Hook over the last few days. But I haven’t gotten there yet, and its fantastic that you’ve given us a working solution here (I can see that its not the usual applescript code but UI automation and surprised that the scripting API offered by the Tapforms developer didn’t help in this case).

Thanks a lot - this is superb app support!

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Hey there. I’m Brendan, the developer of Tap Forms. This is the first I’ve heard of this app, so I have to see what it’s all about. Thanks for providing support for Tap Forms with your product!


Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @tapzapp! Great to meet you! Tap Form seems pretty impressive. I’m delighted we can help users link Tap Form entries to anything!

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