Hook with Obsidian

After lots of searching around I can’t quite figure out if the integration between Obsidian and Hook doesn’t work and I am not alone, or it does work just not for me. Every time I would do the keyboard shortcut on Obsidian I would see hook flash and go away. I can see that it gets the right page in the Hook UI, but doesn’t keep it on screen.

I found that I can get it to reliably work by simply adding a delay into the Get Address script after the 3rd line:

set myURL to "obsidian://hook-get-address"
set myScript to "open '" & myURL & "'"
do shell script myScript
delay 0.4
repeat 50 times -- poll clipboard for ~2.5 seconds
    	    if (the clipboard) is not equal to "" then
		    exit repeat
	    end if
    end try
    delay 0.01
end repeat
get the clipboard

Sounds like this is an asynchronous function - opening a URL. I don’t know how one handles that in Applescript.

I am using hook / obsidian with no issues. The hook applet opens and each of the link options are available to me. obsidian version v.0.11.13 and hook Version 1.2.2 (2716).

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Thanks for writing in. The good folks at Obsidian will provide a more reliable API for interacting with Hook. This will also fill in the gaps such that we can implement the Hook to New > Obsidian function.

Though I don’t recall hearing of timing issues with Obsidian, whenever a script has hard-coded delays it is possible that timing issues will arise that typically can , as you say, be fixed by adjusting the time parameter.

I believe I was having some trouble with 0.11.13. With 0.12, and 0.12.1 (Insider builds), it’s all but unusable.

The delay before running it seems to help.

Can’t wait for Hook to New > Obsidian though!

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It never worked for me until I added that delay. there seems to be enough posts about it being broken that I didn’t feel bad about it. Same version of Hook, though I am on 0.12.1 of Obsidian. But it hasn’t worked for a long ttime.

May I ask your macOS version?

Thank you!

Thanks, @technovangelist. We’ll add the delay in the next update (Hook 3.0), which is in final phases of QA.

I am using MacOS 10.15.7
Hook 2.2.2
Obsidian 0.12.1

Hi Luc:

Tying ends…

We are really looking forward to know more about Hook 3.0! :wink: What day do you plan to release the new version? :pray:

Thank you very much

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @tberni. And thanks for the kind words!

We’re playing it day by day. This week (knock on wood).

Many thanks to you for your advance information. I look forward to this new version.

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