Hook Version 3.4.3 (4626, integration v. 201) is now available: Obsidian, MarsEdit, fmail, Drafts

Hook Version 3.4.3 (4626, integration v. 201) is now available for download, and as an in-app update.

  • UPDATED integration with Obsidian. You can now choose between three URL schemes. The new schemes have more features.
  • UPDATED fmail integration to use standards compliant email IDs, which fmail now supports.
  • UPDATED Drafts integration to deal with its changed URL scheme.
  • NEW: integration with MarsEdit.
  • FIXED a bug in procesing some of Hook’s x-callback-urls that didn’t affect prior built-in integrations but needed fixing for new Obsidian integration.
  • FIXED a license mode update issue.

More information

Full release notes are available online.

Eligibility for updates

This Hook update is free to any Hook customer with a valid Updates license of Hook (Hook Pro and Hook Essentials each come with one year of free access to updates) or in valid trial or Lite mode.


  • Thanks to Vinzent for developing Obsidian’s “Advanced URI” community plugin.
  • Thanks to Arie van Boxel for adding support for Hook to his Fmail app.
  • Thanks to all users who provided input regarding the latest integrations on the Hook productivity forum and over email.

The second scheme that uses Advanced URI for hooking with Obsidian does not work for me. When copying an Obsidian note link with Cmd+Control+M, it still gives the default note URL which starts with obsidian.

I executed the following command in the Terminal:
defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook integration.obsidian.URL.scheme obsidian-advanced-URI

I have Obsidian v0.13.33 and Advanced URI v1.20.1 installed.

Is safe mode off, to enable community plugins, in that particular vault? I.e., it’s on a vault by vault basis.

Also: Use UID instead of file paths. and UID field in frontmatter.

Safe mode is off for that particular vault, Use UID instead of file paths is set, and UID field exists in the front matter of the particular note within the particular vault.

When I use the command Advanced URl: copy URI for file, I get the correct file link, i.e. obsidian://advanced-uri?vault=XX&uid=yyy.

For the same note, Hook gives [Note](obsidian://open?vault=XX&file=Note). I also tried the third method, i.e. with the following command: defaults write com.cogsciapps.hook integration.obsidian.URL.scheme hook-file. However, Hook gives me the same result as the second method.

In the following post, @voostindie described a similar issue. Not sure if that is related to this issue, though.

Unfortunately it does not work for me though. It doesn’t actually change the implementation of the 3 modes that were described earlier in the article.

Further tests show that I previously modified the Hook scripts for Obsidian. After restoring to the Hook official scripts for Obsidian, it partly works now.

For an Obsidian note, if I first invoke Hook with Cmd+Shift+Space and then use the command Copy Markdown Link, I can get the desired link to the note. However, if I directly use the command Shift+Control+Cmd+M, this gives me nothing, i.e. the content in the clipboard does not change. For the both cases, I get the following from the Obsidian console: Received URL action {"": true, x-error: 'hook://x-callback-url/setCurrentNodeError', x-success: 'hook://x-callback-url/setCurrentNode?urlKey=advanceduri&plusencoded=yes', action: 'hook-get-advanced-uri'}

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thanks for updating the forum. Glad the main command works.

that one will be fixed in Hook 3.5, which will start public beta any day now.


@LucB Happy to see you released a new version. To create robust links with the uid field, the user has to enable Use UID instead of file paths in the plugin’s settings. I think you should mention that in the documentation https://hookproductivity.com/help/integration/using-hook-with-obsidian/#advanced

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Thank you, @Vinzent03 . I’ve now updated the documentation. We’ll send a newsletter out soon to announce the new integration options and make some other announcements.

Do you collaborate with the Obsidian devs in any way or do you make an announcement in Obsidian? I can do that too. I just created a new documentation and would post that together in the plugin update channel in Obsidian’s discord.

Much appreciated, @Vinzent03 ! I had emails with Obsidian devs before but haven’t had direct communication with them for a while. In the past I also communicated on their forum . (there’s a couple of topics or more regarding Hook.) It would be great if you would take the lead. If you let me know the link to your post(s) I will try to have a look at the conversation.

I get email messages from Obsidian’s Discord server that I’ve been mentioned in a particular channel. But when I click on those links I can’t find the mention. And Discord’s search tool does not reveal them either. I find it impossible to navigate Discord servers, so I try to avoid them. I much prefer Discourse.

The Hook To New with the Advanced URL isn’t working for me — is that a related problem or a separate bug?

More details: It seems Hook to New isn’t working when the current context name has non-file system safe characters. ‘/‘ in my case.

Edit: and even when it does create a new Obsidian file, it’s not linking them.

We’ve reproduced Hook to New > Obsidian here. Strange given all the testing we did on this. It does look like if there’s such a character in the file name, the process will fail and the new item file will be opened in a default (non-obsidian) app.

@Vinzent03 has kindly updated the Advanced URI to Version 1.21.1. Any minute now we will release an update to Hook integration scripts to handle Hook to New > Obsidian (advanced uri) better.

The new scripts are in version 206 of Hook’s software integration.

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Hook to New still fails in Obsidian for me. Anyone else still having problems or is it just me?

When I try to name a file in Obsidian like that I get:

File name cannot contain any of these characters: \/:

for all file names? What mode are you using, per Terminal:

defaults read com.cogsciapps.hook integration.obsidian.URL.scheme

Yes, all file names. Using “obsidian-advanced-URI” mode.

The Obsidian file is created correctly, and I can manually hook to/from Obsidian; it just doesn’t automatically hook the contexts with Hook to New → Obsidian.

Mac OS 12.4

Hook 3.5

Scripts 217

Obsidian 0.14.6

Advanced URI 1.21.1