Hook Version 2.0 (3837) is now available

Hook Version 2.0 (3837) is now available as an in-app update and from Hook’s download page.

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Please note: we have added a note to the in-app Updates message (retrieved by Microsoft App Center) to the effect that If your one-year Updates license has expired this version (2.0.x) will run in Lite mode until you apply an Updates license. You can apply the Updates license after running 2 if you want.

(That’s basically the Updates license model: you have free access to all updates for a year, but updating to a new version after that require a new annual Updates license. This is different from a typical subscription in that you have eternal access to any version of Hook published within a year of you first activating your purchase. If there’s a gap between the expiration of your license and our next software update, there’s no reason to pay us again until we publish a new update that you want to use.)

What is particular to the 2.0 transition is the following additional message : Also reverting from version 2 to 1.8, which is not recommended, uncharacteristically requires the commands listed on the release notes page. More info on the release notes page. You can also of course revert to a prior 1.8 backup of ~/Library/Application\ Support/com.cogsciapps.hook/ folder.

In a nutshell

Hook 2.0 sports a new search bookmarks tool, optional new window sections (PINNED and RECENT), a new configurable toolbar, Quick Look (⌘Y), additional commands, reorganized menus, ability to copy links with a keyboard shortcut without even invoking the Hook window, a new automation interface (Hook’s AppleScript API), an extended General Preferences tab, a beautiful new app icon, many fixes, updated integrations with your favorite apps, and more!

Hook is now more than a linking app, it’s a truly universal automatic bookmarking app. By truly universal we mean that you can bookmark not only web pages (across browsers), but items in any compatible app (files in Finder, emails, tasks, notes, etc.) By automatic, we mean that whenever you use Copy Link, Copy Markdown Link Hook will add a bookmark; when you hook items together, Hook will add one bookmark for each side of the ‘hook’ (if they are not already there). You can also manually add bookmarks (⌘D). More info below.

For all the details please read the release notes. Notice that reverting to Hook 1.8 is not recommended.

Some :canada: humility:

  • The online documentation needs updating and we need to roll out new screencasts. (We’ll be happy to link to screencasts of Hook produced by others.) Having said that, the changes are mostly additive. Please do have a look at the General Preferences tab.
  • There are obviously several features of traditional bookmarking apps that need to be added to Hook, but we hope you will enjoy the universal aspect as a complement to your current bookmarking solutions.
  • You’ll see that Hook’s search syntax is not exactly the same as Spotlight.. We do intend to tweak it as we move forward.
  • Manual renaming of bookmarks is not yet in place.
  • There are still many other features requested on the forum, and many times more requested internally by ourselves (!) , that we are very eager to deliver

So, to help us prioritize our features, we will publish an online survey and even do some interviews over FaceTime A/V with a randomly selected subset of interested users (we’ll publish a signup link later).


I’d like to take this opportunity to thank our private beta testers, and many developers, including Brett Terpstra who provided feedback and automation tools to match the new AppleScript. (There are too many people to mention here, and I’d need to get permission to mention names). I’d also like to congratulate Hook’s development team for this huge update, done post a particularly significant WWDC, in the midst of a pandemic, and while working on /adapting the longer term product road map.

Thank you to Diagrams UI designer, Alexander Käßner for the new app icon and menu bar icons! They do a great job of conveying what Hook is about.

And thank you especially to you our customers for your support of this product, and all the input that has helped shape Hook 2.0 and our vision of post Hook 2.0.

We have a deep treat to offer in Hook 2.1 or 2.2 :wink:.

Detailed release notes

Again, the release notes are on line.


Make that Hook 2.0.1. We’ve already released a fix.


Congratulations all, a big milestone. :blush:

Dear LucB,
I have received Hook 2.0.1with thanks.
Respectfully, WAKAMATSU

I love Hook and bought the full version. Version 2.0.1 takes more than 5% CPU ongoing in the background (via Activity Monitor) on my MacBook Pro (Late 2017) with MacOS Mojave after having clicked it once in the menu bar. This wasn’t an issue with earlier Hook versions and should be fixed, please.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-11 um 12.35.58

Love the look of 2.0.

Just a heads up… I have Hook installed on three Macs and when I invoke the Hook search, each Mac has a different “bookmarks in total” number. I have all three machines pointing to the same iCloud folder with sync enabled.

Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Congratulations on this update. I immediately extended my license. So good to see that the app continues to improve.

I’ve added a section to the original post, reminding users of the Updates licensing implications in case their Updates license has expired.

Thanks for this, @LeMerlot . We’ve raised an internal issue about it.

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Congrats on 2.0 @LucB!


Thanks for working on it! I also find that once invoked Hook starts to take a relative lot of CPU now in this version. 2.01 OS 10.15.7, 16 inch MacBook Pro. It was less hungry in the previous version.


Yes, still the same here with HOOK version 2.02, up to 6% CPU in the background – therefore I downgraded it again to 1.8.
CPU usage counts a lot since it adds with every single process in the background to the overall system and version 1.8. is extremely nice/low on CPU with 0 to 0.5% in the background.

thanks, @arthurwerry. there are conditions where the number of bookmarks is validly not the same on both machines. We’ll add documentation for that (on Using Hook on Multiple Macs – Hook page or thereabouts). (Though Sync predates Hook 2.0, there’s lots of documentation for Hook 2.0 we need to publish; and screencasts. Incidentally, today, we hope to release Hook 2.0.3)

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That performance issue is fixed in Hook version 2.0.3 (build 3855) - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum.