Hook to New Task (i.e. 2do, omnifocus)?

I understand that you can Hook a link to create a new Note but why isn’t it possible to use the same logic to hook a link to a new task in say 2do or Omnifocus? Is there like a script to make this possible? I find myself more likely to create tasks out of bookmarks/links than I am to create notes…

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You can do exactly that in OmniFocus.

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Ah I see… So you could create tasks in GTD software… it’s just that 2do is currently not supported.

Looks like it should be possible with the x-callback-url scheme. Maybe that didn’t exist when they added the current limited support for 2do. Do you know enough to try writing your own script?

Happy Tuesday!

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I’d love to see this for Things 3!

Things is fully supported — do you maybe just need to copy the scripts across for a Things3 entry?

I am unsure we are talking about the same feature, I must have misunderstood.

I’d like Hook to autofill a Things 3 quick entry. For example, I am in the browser, fire a hotkey and boom Hook generates a link, triggers Things 3 quick entry, fills the note field with the link and lets you input a title. I know there are plugins that allow you to do that, but annoyingly the Chrome plugins requires a separate shortcut and does not work system wide.

What’s the behaviour that you get at the moment when you do Hook to New… → Things?

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Ah! My bad, I didn’t know that was possible. Thanks for clarifying, seems to be working as expected.

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