Hook not syncing between Macs

I’m pretty new so please bear with me. I’ve hooked between 10-20 different websites together. For some reason what I have linked on my iMac is not showing up on my MacBook Air. Any & all help is very much appreciated!


  • iMac & a MacBook Air.
  • Hook Version 3.8 (4940; Integration v. 232)
  • Hook folder location: iCloud (same folder for both devices) & the hooksycc subfolder has 2 files
  • Hook Notes location: iCloud (within the Hook folder mentioned above) no files inside

Hook settings:

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Hi @tentacles . Have you checked out the tips on this page: Sync Tab – Hook?

Oh! So I shouldn’t done that but it wasn’t obvious to me from the Hook preferences menu.

@LucB Now, how do I fix it? I have iCloud sync enabled & in the system preferences it is also marked as syncing.

sorry, I don’t know what you mean you shouldn’t have done. I was just asking about the settings.

just to be sure, including this:


and to be sure: verified on both Macs?

Sometimes iCloud can take a while , but normally it’s fast.

Yes that iCloud Hook sync tick is marked.

I set custom iCloud folders for notes & templates in addition to iCloud sync enabled. The link you shared said do one or the other.
From the help file you shared it looked like there is no downside to using either, except it seems easier to use the iCloud sync.

So now that I did both option 1 & 2 and syncing is not working at all, what is my best course of action going forward?

Is your MacBook Air on battery? if so you’d want to make sure “Pause synchronization while on battery power” was unchecked in Sync Tab – Hook.

How long have you waited? Your original post was 2 hours ago, but on a bad day if iCloud services are having hickups it can take a bit longer than that. You could also try relaunching Hook or in worst case rebooting one of the Macs.

It is as you can see in the screenshot here Hook not syncing between Macs - #2 by tentacles

I’ve done the hooks yesterday. Since then I have quit & reopened Hook on both. Not restarted though. But this is why I am asking if having both sync options enabled iCloud via sync tab & manual folder location in iCloud is causing a problem. If that can cause problems, how do I revert to the default folders & just use iCloud sync?

Also if you think iCloud syncing is slow, would you recommend tying Google Drive, Dropbox, … for speedier syncing?


you can’t have them both at the same time. It’s a radio button, exclusive or.

looking at your screenshot you are already using iCloud sync only. You could try:
deactivate and reactivate, choosing iCloud Sync. It’s the most convenient method.

If that doesn’t work, I would recommend rebooting (which I rarely recommend).

Generally, icloud is fine. The reason iCloud is preferable is the upcoming iOS companion (still in beta) only uses iCloud.

Your problem at the moment seems to be that the folder is not being populated at all, which is strange. Both methods we give should cause writing to the folder.

Have you used ⌘F in Hook to search for bookmarks from the other side?

“hooksycc” ? what’s the pathname for the latter folder you are referring to?

In Finder, could you please

  1. select the folders in[sync](hook://file/1RBklL6ri?p=aUNsb3VkfmNvbX5jb2dzY2lhcHBzfmhvb2svRG9jdW1lbnRz&n=sync) which points to ~/Library/Mobile\ Documents/iCloud\~com\~cogsciapps\~hook/Documents/sync
  2. ⌘C (to copy their names),
  3. share it as a PM to support, or here, but keep in mind it discloses device names (the tail end of those folder names are device names). A screenshot would also do.