Hook integration scripts v. 98 adds support for the Voodoopad note-taking app

Hook integration scripts have been updated to version 98.

This update includes support for Voodoopad note-taking app by Primate Labs. The scripts are based on @marlowe’s contributions. The integrated script differs from @marlowe 's in that

  1. get name and get address are merged together and displayed in the “Address” tab of the corresponding Hook > Preferences (Voodoopad) script,
  2. the default “Link to New” function is used. You might prefer @marlowe’s Link to New. I’ll describe the rationale for the difference there.

Before the next version of Hook is released, which will contain a built-in template file for Voodoopad docs, see Voodoopad in Link to New just add a Voodoopad file to Hook’s templates/custom templates folder (by default in ~/Documents/Hook/templates/custom templates). This is because when Hook creates a new document for file-based apps (such as Voodoopad, it copies the template from the custom templates or built-in templates folder. Hook’s “built-in” templates are only updated when the Hook app itself is updated.

The above means that you can now use Hook to link Voodoopad notes to all kinds of content, such as PDFs, emails, web pages, tasks and much more.

Thanks to @marlowe!