Hook 3.7 Public beta 2 available. Hook context window changes and more

Hook Version 3.7 (4856) public BETA 2 is now available. .

Hook 3.7 tweaks the interactions with Hook’s context window which, we believe, translate into major UX improvements. The Hook window will remain open after hooking items together or deleting links. There’s also a change to the General preference controlling when the Hook window is closed.

There are also improvements to Hook’s search (e.g., unicode).

And there are several bug fixes.

Beta 2 fixes a crash with Beta 1, adds integration with Eagle app, and has more bug fixes.

See Hook 3.7 Release Notes , which also has a link to the direct download.


Thank you to everyone for feedback on the first beta, and also on earlier versions of Hook. Some of that is incorporated in Hook 3.7.

2022-07-15 17:38 fixed link.

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It felt great to see an item appear or disappear from the context window that remains open after hooking or deleting a hook.

This way, after CMD-V, the notification confirming that Hook to copied Link successful is less useful. (BTW this kind of notif would be quite useful when using global shortcuts!)

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The persistence of the context window is indeed helpful, but as @danieljomphe points out, slightly at odds with the notification. Perhaps both could be toggled as preferences?

Even more granularly, I also find the persistence when copying a link a bit unnecessary (though the notification is a reassuring confirmation), whereas the persistence when pasting a link, displaying the now hooked document, is an excellent improvement (and the notification then seems a bit redundant).

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I agree.

there’s now a General preference for that: Hide Hook context window after copying links. The default is now to keep the window open. That is to help newcomers who may be lost when the Hook window suddenly goes away. We expect accustomed users to turn it off. and we might even provide a toolbar tip to facilitate that (e.g., after 10 uses of Copy Link). The new preference replaces the prior preference that is still described here General – Hook ; documentation will be updated.

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Currently exploring this new beta. It would be very nice if for certain actions (such as delete for example) one could a) select several items at once and b) not see the confirmation window every time (by offering the possibility for example, as in many apps the If so, turn it off in preferences).


This link refers to Hook 3.3…

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Problem with delete. Certain Hook bookmarks cannot be deleted!

oops, thanks . corrected

any extra info on that?

agreed. that’s coming.

I think this other thread of mine qualifies to show one example of that. In both videos for bookmarks asdf4 and asdf5, I ended up doing a delete link (CMD-S-Backspace). Both asdf4 and 5 are still there in my bookmarks afterwards.

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Thanks again, @danieljomphe . we are having a look at this

I can send you a screen recording as I have done previously. Cannot upload it here apparantly?

There’s a Hide Hook context window after copying links checkbox to disable that:

General Preferences Tab – Hook

Cheers. Perhaps you might introduce a similar toggle for hiding / not hiding the window after pasting links.

We will like add that to our advanced preferences via command line https://hookproductivity.com/help/preferences/esoteric-preferences/

Hook 3.7 released (4861, 225). has been released. Discussion of Hook 3.7 can continue on its topic page or in new topics. Thank you everyone for feedback on 3.7 public beta. We are looking into issues and requests that have been raised.

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