[FIXED] Ulysses - 1.2 - Error linking new document

With the latest public release when creating a new Ulysses document I get the error ‘Error linking new document’, ‘No address returned. The Link to New script for com.soulmen.ulysses-setapp must return a valid URL.’

But, a new note is created and linked properly. The Link to New menu popup remains when invoking Hook after this and Hook needs to be restarted to rest the UI.

Thanks for letting us know. will be priority in the morning.

Bear might also seems to be affected. This is a direct download link to 1.1.2 for those wanting to revert.

Updating your scripts will fix the issue: Hook integration scripts v. 78: Update to Bear and Ulysses scripts - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

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Thanks for the update. My long-standing inability to have Hook recognize sheets in Ulysses has never been resolved. Obviously there’s a conflict somewhere – not at all obvious what it might be.