Firefox - "no linkeable item"


I’m guessing that this has come up before, but I am no longer able to link to a page in Firefox (I get the “no linkable item found” message). I used to be able to link a page in firefox to a Bear note, but no longer. Can someone tell me how to fix this?


Ps. I’m using Firefox 68.0.2

I apologize – the latest script updated which reduced dependencies on keystrokes seems to have introduced issues. (I have been testing 1.2 which is not publicly released yet and had assumed it was related to that). In my own use of FireFox (for a few projects/tasks; I use Safari for the rest), the issue that you report only seems to occur about one time out of 20 or so.

Are you seeing the issue every time you “Copy as Link” in FireFox?

It’s a holiday in Canada today (labour day) so we might not be able to update the integration server today; but I will post the prior set of integration scripts here.

I’ve reverted the script on the integration server, it should be ready now.

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Hook > Gear Menu > Check for Updates

At the bottom of that tab you’ll notice Scripts version 76, which contains the change.

Hi guys,

Thanks for the help!

When I go to Hook > Gear Menu > Check for Updates, I get “You’re up to date!” I don’t see any other tabs or options. And, yes, I get the “no linkable item” message every time I select Hook from within Firefox.

Thanks much. I really appreciate it.

What version numbers does Hook say it’s running? (For app and for scripts)


It tells me that I’m running Version 1.1.2 (2595)


Like other macOS app developers, we publish the version number and build number. 2595 is the application build number.

In addition, there’s a subtlety about Hook in that the Scripts can be updated without updating and relaunching the entire app. So we publish the script bundle number too.

On Hook’s Updates preferences tab , at the very bottom right, you should see a Scripts version <number>.) If you’ve checked for updates while connected to the internet, it should read 76.

For convenience, the information is duplicated at the bottom of the Scripts tab.


Thanks so much. Really appreciate it.

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Mozilla really should add automation , at least for get URL/ getName – it’s such a basic function. There’s an old ticket somewhere on their website for automation. As the profile of Hook and its user base grow, I hope we exert an influence towards that.

It would be nice to see the Mac automation community join in on this too. I know there are several other websites , bloggers etc. out there with whose views this would be consistent. I suppose they simply avoid using FireFox, so they don’t think much about it nor advocate for it.

Thanks to @grahamb for:

Here is the Mozilla issue ticket for Applescript support, opened 18 years ago
Unless we write our own patch and submit it to them I don’t think we’re going
to see progress anytime soon.

Aside: When I was leading gStudy (before nStudy) development at, we worked with the Firefox code base, to embed its rendering engine in gStudy. But that was over 10 years ago. It was a big project. (gStudy and nStudy were integrated learning environments for educational psychologists to research self-regulated learning; nStudy is still going). One of the core ideas I brought to those projects was “linking anything to anything” within the environment. gStudy and nStudy built and integrated several tools (rendering, note-taking, concept mapping, etc.) Hook builds on the linking idea, providing links between any addressable resource, without reinventing the individual components (note taking, rendering, etc.) Anyway, it means we have some knowledge of Firefox in house to build on in principle.

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