[Duplicate report] NVAlt lost all links, again

Hi, I don’t have the time to get into this again right now. Just to mention it, NVAlt erased all my Hook links. This happened once before and I already posted about it.

This is not about the delay I sometimes get opening a Hook menu in NVAlt. This is, everything is gone from the formerly well endowed Hook menu in my NVAlt document.

Last night I ran my MainMenu app that runs a bunch of terminal scripts, cleans system cache, runs maintenance scripts, etc. For some odd reason, this seems to have hosed my Hook links in NVAlt.

At this point I just opened another key document that had the same set of links, copied all, and repasted them into the NVAlt document again.

I have no idea why this happens to NVAlt. Hopefully the new NVAlt design, whenever that happens, can resolve the issue. I don’t have any information about this as I am not on the beta testing list.

I am a bit frustrated that keeping track of my Hook links is not as fool proof as I once had hoped. At least not with NVAlt apparently.

I may have to rethink how I am using NVAlt as my main note keeping app as far as my projects go. I hope not as NVAlt is very easy to access, easy to use, and it searches very quickly.

Sigh, maybe I can try Taskpaper for this? Can’t get sidetracked on all of it now, too much to stay focused on. Just wanted to mention it.

Sorry to hear this trouble continues, @levelbest. I’ve marked this as a duplicate of Disappearing Links in nvALT - Bug Reports - Hook Productivity Forum. I will respond in that topic.