[√ ] Deep linking PDF lost work in Monterey 12.0.1

Please help me thanks :sos:@LucB

Hi Jason, we had a look at this today, and will update you soon.

Thank you for your timely attention :+1:

While we examine the issue, two things to keep you going:

  1. as you noted, you can switch to a different PDF reader that supports deep linking (there’s also the free Skim app).
  2. Hook’s deep PDF links explicitly encode the page number of the destination , such as page 7 in hook://file/50jHOw3gJ?p=cG5sL3Rtag==&n=Anderson2002.pdf#p=7&x=39.540199279785&y=237.253799438477 (p=7).

Also, Copy Link does work in PDFPenPro under macOS 12. And one can open regular links. The question is why are the deep link invocations not working. I’ve now noticed that independently of Hook, GateKeeper seems fussy in macOS 12 when switching default PDF readers (to whatever PDF reader, not just pdfpenpro.) We’ve been in touch with the developer (Nitro) and we will revisit this tomorrow.

Thank you for your work and I will keep watching :heart:

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There is definitely something odd about deep linking with Monterey

I had this working stable for a long time on PDFPenPro. Now I am unable to create a deep link in PDFPenPro and then go back to it with that app.

Interestingly I switched my default PDF reader to Adobe Acrobat Pro DC. I was then able to go back directly to the links created in PDFPenPro, but I am not able to create new deep links within this app.

We’ve identified an issue. macOS 12 has difficulty with some bit of AppleScript which works fine on prior versions. We’ve developed a work around. We hope to release it today to the script server.

(We’re getting reports of other AppleScript issues with macOS 12 from people who had installed the beta, which we had too. it may be this one is related to that. )

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Version 185 of Hook integration scripts is now available. This includes a fix for an issue that could prevent deep links to open properly in PDFpenPro under macOS 12.

That works perfectly with PDFPenPro deep linking

Thank you

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The CogSci team is so fast. When I opened the Preferences to manually update it to 185, it was already on 186, just 14 after @LucB post.

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Works perfectly, thanks for your work! :+1:

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Hello I apologize in advance if I’m not doing it correctly, but I just could not get the deep link to work in Skim.

macOS version: 12.1 Beta (21C5039b)
Skim version: 1.6.6 (136)
Hook version: 3.3.2 (4565; Integration v. 186)

Whenever I press control+H in Skim, I just got:
No linkable item found in Skim.

Please let me know what could be wrong. I’m really exited for the deep link function.

Thank you.

Hi, Hook should work fine with Skim.app.

Have you tried the tips in No Linkable Item in … – Hook/ ? That includes links to other pages.

Is Hook having issues with other apps?

Incidentally, I use Skim extensively. My 2nd book, Cognitive Productivity with… by Luc P. Beaudoin [PDF/iPad/Kindle] , has loads of tips for delving (deep reading) with Skim.

Thank you for the quick reply.

I went though those tips in No Linkable Item in … – Hook and found this may be the reason:

2. Hook’s Automation permission to control the app is effectively disabled

the skim app never showed up on that list of “privacy-automation” for Hook. Now I also remember that when I first time used Skim, it did not trigger a reminder like other apps do.

Maybe that’s the cause of the error? I did uninstalled both Skim and Hook before restarted my computer and re-stalled the two apps again but it still didn’t work(skim not in automation list for Hook and no deep linking). Is this a bug from macOS 12.1?

I’m also having this issue with Skim on Monterey 12.1.

It appears this is an issue with AppleScript in 12.1 that affects Skim.

There’s an active bug here: Skim / Bugs / #1438 Crash when calling displayline: Internal table overflow, and the developers are investigating.

Skim / News: Skim 1.2.5 released includes :

• Work around scripting support bug in macOS 12.1.


Good to know it’s on the radar. I’m running into this issue too. Thanks for the update, will keep a look out!

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Adobe Acrobat Reader, PDFpenPro (payware) and Acrobat Pro are substitutes to open deep links till this gets sorted out.

since this topic of the OP was PDFpenPro, and that is fixed, I’m closing this topic. I’ve started a new topic (macOS 12.1 AppleScript issues affecting Skim ) for discussing the Skim - macOS 12.1 AppleScript glitch. (latest seems to be that the Skim PDF app developer has raised an issue with Apple.)