Craft v1.3.3 released, Hook from All Documents Too

Great news! Craft v1.3.3 was released today. In addition to prior integration, you can now use Hook in Craft’s All Documents window! No update to Hook required.

We’re also delighted to announce that Lee Garrett of My Productive Mac (aka @myproductivemac on Twitter) has produced a great new video on using Hook and Craft together. See Using Hook with the Craft Mac Writing App – Hook, which provides text and the screencast.

As discussed on Twitter.

Valuing contextual computing

Thanks and congratulations to Craft CEO @balint and his team for developing great writing software, and for valuing contextual computing (hence automated hyperlinking)!

Check out Craft from its home page .


The next Hook newsletter (which is currently in internal review) will say more about all this, recap some recent integrations, and provide hints about what’s coming up next with Hook. Sign up for the newsletter here..

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Can we hook to new (Craft) yet?

there’s support for it in Craft, but it requires some underlying changes to Hook as this one is different from prior ‘new item’ API. I’ve tested it internally and it works. It will be in Hook 2.3 per Using Hook with the Craft Mac Writing App – Hook. We’re in process of wrapping up Hook 2.3 but can’t provide a specific ETA.

This doesn’t seem to be working on my end. Invoking Hook yields “No Linkable Item Found”. I’m updated on both apps, so I’m curious if I’m missing something. This will be a huge boon to my workflow if I can get it working. Looking forward to it!

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Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @Chip .

Per, Version 158 of Hook software integration: Linking the Craft writing app to anything, and updated Deep PDF-linking in Skim - Releases - Hook Productivity Forum

There are work arounds for this listed in that topic. The next version of Craft (to be released on Tue I believe) will fix these issues.

Awesome, thanks for the update!

Craft Version 1.3.7 has been released. Works with Hook 2.2.2 and latest integration scripts.

hope to see the feature

Hi, Any update for Hook 2.3?

We added some major features and decided it deserves to be called Hook 3.0 Later this month.


Support on iPad, perhaps?

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Just a request for Hook 3 that, if possible, it should keep compatibility with older versions of macOS, like Hook 2 does.

Still waiting for Hook to new → Craft :smiley:, almost lookup this forum every day

Hook 3.0 (a free update for anyone who has bought Hook in previous year, or a valid Updates license) is due very, very soon. Final stages of testing and documentation. Has this feature and a lot more. (We originally expected to make this a minor release, “2.3” but it grew, hence it took longer than expected.)

If you have enabled Hook’s Automatic updates , you should get a notification.

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Done in Hook 3.0: Hook 3.0 includes `Hook to New` Craft .
I’m closing this topic. We can continue there if anyone likes.