Cannot automatically send link to Pinboard with keyboard shortcut

If I use a two-step process, ie. invoke Hook by Shift-cmd spacebar, then cmd-C, it would automatically send URL to pinboard. But if I use shift-ctrl-cmd-C , it won’t work

Perhaps I misunderstood the keyboard shortcut steps?

I tested this again and it works for me. Sometimes it can take a few seconds for a bookmark to appear in Pinboard.

I’m confused. First, I see the same behavior that the original poster sees. Second, I don’t even see where the idea to use shift-ctrl-cmd-C comes from. I don’t see shift-ctrl-cmd-C in any of the menus, nor do I see it listed on the Shortcuts page. I feel like I missed the first part of a conversation somewhere along the way.

⌃⇧⌘C is an optional global keyboard shortcut for Title menu > Copy Link, that can be used without showing the Hook window.

Shortcuts Tab – Hook

The command is there but the actual shortcut keys are not listed in the documentation because they are likely to be configured by the user. Not operational by default.

Ahh, got it. But, when I use the shortcut I’ve assigned to that in the preferences, it copies the link to the clipboard correctly, but not to Pinboard. It works as expected, however, if I bring up the Hook title menu and copy the link from there,

@LucB so Rob’s result is the same as mine? ie. using ⌃⇧⌘C does not send to Pinboard by default? so it has to be a two step process, that is ⌘⇧SPACEBAR to show Hook Window, then Copy Link?

I used the default global keyboard shortcut ⌃⇧⌘C , so this is not operational ?

If enabled, it copies the link. Hook automatically bookmarks items that it copies, per Universal, Effortless, Contextual, Networked Bookmarking..

It needs to be enabled in the preferences panel (checkbox) to kick in. To verify whether ⌃⇧⌘C is working for you, please invoke it in the context of a web browser then go to TextEdit and paste it. If TextEdit is in RTF mode, then you’ll get a fully formatted link; if it is plaintext, you’ll get a URL.

Just to be sure we are all on the same page here - my global shortcut is set here:
CleanShot 2021-05-24 at 06.53.53

When I invoke the shortcut in Safari on this page and then do a paste into this reply, I get the fully formatted link:

Cannot automatically send link to Pinboard with keyboard shortcut - Discussion & Help - Hook Productivity Forum

which is what I expect to get. But the link never gets to Pinboard, and it is not a question of waiting, because after I used the global shortcut, I went to another safari tab, did the two-step copy and that showed up in Pinboard almost instantaneously.

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Many thanks for persisting and reporting. I’ve been able to reproduce the problem with the public 3.1 version of Hook. some hypotheses for the different results (where I could not reproduce it earlier)

  • My prior test was with an internal (Hook 3.2) build;
  • maybe I had inadvertently interacted with Hook such that it sent the add-bookmark request to Pinboard.
  • maybe the timing of enabling the keyboard shortcut preference makes a difference.