4 second delay every time I open Hook window

Hook 3.1 4331, 170 on Catalina 10.15.7


Every time I open Hook, there is a 4 second delay with “loading”, spinning wheel on the right and later (not shown) apple’s spinning wheel.

I can’t afford such a delay in terms of workflow.

thank you for your suggestions

I’ve reported this bug previously. Waiting to hear back.

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I just found the bug. It appears to be in Preferences → Recent Items
Just uncheck the recent items box. I tried any number of recent items from 1 to 20: as soon as the box is checked, the bug appears.
Please let me know if it works with you
thank you

I have to untick both recent and pinned items to get around the problem. Have you got any pinned items?

yes, I have pinned items.

This functionality will be significantly redesigned in Hook 4. Moved to its own foreground window.

Meanwhile is it possible that some of the referenced resources are on a slow disk or network drive?

No — 2 websites and 4 local files in my home computer pinned. Same issue on work computer with different pinned.

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no extremely fast Internal 2 TB apple drive bought one year ago

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I have observed this myself too. Unfortunately, I find very useful the Recent items functionality for Hooking together references. Maybe a better caching of the recent items could accelerate this.

I’m currently encountering this issue but only with my pinned items.

Does anyone know how to manually edit/clear pinned items?


thanks for letting us know. We optimized Pinned recently but there’s still work to be done.

menu bar icon> Preferences> Hide Pinned items

This does not clear them, it hides them.

We could provide a separate command to clear all pinned items.

We’re considering moving context-free content (Pinned, Search, Recent) to a separate side window as part of the optimization.

If you see this performance issue again, could you please take a process sample while Hook window is loading, compress it and email it to support@cogsciapps.com , referencing this forum topic?
How to Take a Process Sample of Hook with Activity Monitor app – Hook

please let us know if you have Sync and Pinned enabled. If so, does turning Sync off make a difference?

We’ve made more performance improvements to Hook window in Hook 3.4 Public beta 3: