Zoom conflict issue


I’m having a strange issue every time I jump on a Zoom call. Some kind of conflict where Hook is causing a Zoom window to keep popping up in Zoom which means that I lose control and can’t run Zoom properly.

I try and crash Hook using Activity Monitor but I can’t, it keep re-opening.

I think it has something to do with one of the authorisations that Hook asks you - “Hook wants to control XYZ app”.

How can I reset the authority so that Hook can’t control Zoom?

we haven’t encountered this one before. Is it possible there’s a utility invoking Hook, e.g., a Keyboard Maestro shortcut being invoked to cause Hook’s keyboard shortcut to be typed? Or some other automation?

In any case in the second annotated screenshot of No Linkable Item in … – Hook page you will see instructions for authorizing/de-authorizing Hook per app.

You can also do

  1. tccutil reset Accessibility com.cogsciapps.hook
  2. reboot your Mac.

which will reset Hook’s permissions for all apps.

Thanks for replying Luc

Yes it could be Keyboard Maestro. I know it’s tricky to diagnose as my description is not very clear.

I have taken a screen recording of the issue and will continue to monitor.

I think I will reset all Hook’s application permissions because what I have been doing, probably not smart, is accepting every time it has asked. I will now only grant permission only for those apps that I’m going to need Hook to access.

Appreciate your prompt reply.

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One more thing.

Why is it that I cannot Force Quit Hook using Activity Monitor. I am able to do this for most apps, but I can’t seem to be able to kill Hook.

It’s like it re-spawns?

It does not re-spawn.

It’s not in “force quit” because Hook by default runs in background mode: Hook 3.3 Release Notes – Hook. That can be changed with Advanced, Command-line Preferences – Hook.

To force quit Hook, use Apple’s Activity Monitor app.

Just hooking back on this. :grinning:

I actually think the conflict I was experiencing was caused by xbar not Keyboard Maestro. xbar is a menubar app that runs and displays various things and I was using it to run a Hook script which identified when a selected file had hooked items. It was cool as it would show a little hook and a number next to it representing how many hooked items exist (screenshot of menubar below).


However it is not worth the conflicts that somehow were being created. Perhaps a future version of Hook could display this info natively without an external app. :pray:

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yep, that’s a frequent request. We’ve had a couple of goes at it (internally), and are committed to bring it to Hook.