Will the Hook app be in the Mac App Store?

I’m wondering if you have plans to put the app in the Mac App Store once it moves out of beta?

I’m in a corporate environment, where I can install apps from the app store but not anything else.

I realize this won’t be easy with the sandboxing features of the app store, however I’d like to hear your thoughts on this.

Welcome to the Hook productivity forum, @ryrasmussen, and thanks for asking

This is on our radar, and we definitely want Hook to be available to as many people as possible. However, the Mac App Store version would not be completely the same (as you understand based on your allusion to sandboxing); and if we pursue that, the target date is not certain.

We have a very exciting product road map for Hook, some of which we’ve disclosed on this forum, some of which are pleasant surprises to be announced.

We will update the forum once we have more visibility on Mac App Store. There are several things we want to do in our product road map before we make a decision about the Mac App Store. (And things change fast in this space, as you know).

So we have to find the right balance amongst all that. Sorry that I cannot be more precise.

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