Using the Share Menu

Would it be possible for Hook to make use of the OSX Share Menu to add a link for an object? This might also offer at the same time an opportunity to propose an editable title for the requested link and/or present a “recent items” list to link with.

Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum, @neuon2003. And thanks for asking.

Share menus in macOS are per app. Hook presents a share menu in the Title menu ( ^T) of Hook’s contextual window, and with each entry in that window. (Having said that, it’s quite fast to simply use Hook’s universal Copy Link function ( ⌘C) and paste it anywhere.)

Regarding your requests: we do intend to allow editing the title of links, which is very important.

And we are working towards a Recent Items feature. I’m learning not to publicly commit to specific dates. To be conservative I will say if it’s not there by Sept I will be very surprised and disappointed.


Many thanks for the update, Luc.

I am not sure what “per app” means. I am an avid user of EagleFiler and find it very useful that an “Import to EagleFiler” option appears in the Share menu of those apps which I have chosen to share that functionality with (System preferences | Extensions | Share menu). That is the example I had in mind.