Ulysses, LaunchBar, and Hookmark

Hi there!

Hookmark and Ulysses work together flawlessly by invoking Shift-Cmd-Space when a Ulysses sheet is selected.

However, it doesn’t work when LaunchBar is running. It seems like LaunchBar somehow gets in the way. I tried to change LaunchBar’s shortcut, but it doesn’t change anything.

Am I doing anything wrong? I’m using macOS 13.3.1, Hookmark 5.1.2, LaunchBar 6.17, Ulysses 30.1

Thank you!

Welcome to the Hookmark Forum , @heyhi . Not sure what’s happening there. You could try ⌃H instead when you are in Universal links . or define an alt shortcut for Hookmark altogether. Hookmark allows users to have two global shortcuts to bring up the Hookmark window.

Thank you @LucB for the suggestion. I tried using a different shortcut for Hookmark, but LaunchBar still interferes. However, as soon as LaunchBar is not running anymore, everything works as expected. I will try with a fresh user account and see what happens.