Trying to use with Tana -

I have been using Hook with Roam to connect hyperlinks from Roam to Urls, DevonThink files and the sort. I am now working towards moving things into Tana. When I embed a link in Tana it will only pull up a chrome tab - so if its not a weblink - like a devonthink file - it will pull up a blank chrome tab. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.


I’d love to help out with this if I had an account :laughing:. Just sent you a DM seeing if you happen to have any invites.

Just to make sure I understand, it sounds like the issue is opening a Hook link from inside of a Tana node, or is it a Tana link being turned into a hook link (I’m assuming the node links are just regular URLs, though)?

I appreciate the response. Sorry I don’t have an invite. I got mine via a class I am taking. My issue is the former. I hook the document from within devonthink and then paste it in Tana. This works great in Roam as I click the link and am transported to the file within DevonThink. When I try the same with Tana its as if it only sees the links as url’s. It opens a tab within chrome and since the link is not valid i just get a blank screen.
For what its worth - I was not aware of Tana until 48 hours ago. I am really enjoying it. Its like Roam and Notion had a baby. Having database capabilities within a TFT really ups the game. Thanks for any help you might offer.


Take a look at this thread in the Tana Slack talking about x-callback-urls. From that message, it sounds like maybe you can edit the URL after creating a link (so start with an HTTP URL and then overwrite it with your non-HTTP URL). This definitely seems like a Tana issue, though, so I’d expect asking on Slack is probably your best bet.

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I appreciate your looking into this. I found the discussion on Slack. Looks like its at least recognized and will be worked out in due time. Thx!