Trying to use Hookmark with Anybox but unsure how I should use them together

I stumbled onto Anybox while skimming the Linkable Apps page and immediately got hooked (ha), but I’m confused about how I should use it with Hookmark. I read the guide on using Hookmark with Goodlinks and hoped that it would work similarly with Anybox, but quickly realized that they work completely differently in terms of how the URL’s work in the app.

So my question is basically: How should I use these tools together? Specifically asking about the order in which I use them.

Should I be invoking Hookmark on links inside of Anybox (resulting in anybox: links)? And should those links be hooked to other links in Anybox, or to links in their respective apps? Or should I do all of the hooking outside of Anybox, and then manually add those links afterwards?

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For now, Hookmark works differently with Anybox and Goodlinks.

Hookmark will automatically add web bookmarks that you created in Hookmark to Goodlinks, but not to Anybox.

You can invoke Hookmark on links inside of Anybox, and hook those links to any other links you like, either links from Anybox or other apps. For linking links in Anybox, you can do copy link on a link first, then invoke Hook on a different link to do Hook to copied link.

Thank you

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