Thunderbird anyone?

I know everybody here uses a Mac but am I the only one that doesn’t use the default Mail app? I know it is constantly improving but I still find Thunderbird a much better mail client. I thought it was a very popular option.

Is there any hope it will be supported by Hook? Is there is any easy way to create a hook for an e-mail message in Thunderbird using Hook, I would really appreciate to know about it. Thanks!!


Welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum , @jfontana. I don’t think Thunderbird has an AppleScript dictionary. It was raised as a request 17 years ago: 243543 - Add Applescript support and dictionary to Thunderbird. Firefox does not either. Mozilla doesn’t seem to be big on automation. (So I mostly use Brave and Safari. But Hook does work with Firefox via UI scripting.)

If Thunderbird has/had a command to go to message by ID, that could perhaps at least open emails by ID using UI scripting, but I doubt they expose email message IDs in the UI.

Thanks for your quick answer, Luc. I’ll try to check whether it is possible to somehow get the message ID.