Suggestion: "Apps Compatible with Hook" in menu

There’s a nice web page explaining what apps are compatible with Hook. But I think we could benefit if that list was available in Hook itself, in an in-your-face manner. I think trial users and new users would benefit from that info from the get go without having to muck around in a website to discover it.

So, here’s a suggestion:

we’ve been trying to contain info messages in the status bar. How about putting a related message there?

The status bar message is context sensitive, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.

We’ve been discussing internally how to better deal with a case related to what you’re suggesting, which is when the current app is known not yet to be supported. I’ll write a bit more about that soon.

Also, the current status bar only has one line. That’s based on Finder’s status bar.
How would you feel about the status bar having more than one line in cases where a more informative message requires it. (Otherwise, it would remain as is.) I think we should probably cap it at two lines.

My picture was misleading. I intended it to suggest “add a command under ‘About’ that opens info about compatible apps”.

Not on the “status bar”.


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