Start Hook with Keyboard Maestro Macro Group

Hello Hook Community, I am new to Hook and have my difficulties to remember the many shortcuts of the individual apps.

Therefore I have created a macro group / palette in Keyboard Maestro. To execute a Hook action, I just have to remember a shortcut (⌥ + ,) and then start the respective Hook action with the first letter.

Here are a few examples:

Since I can’t post the Keyboard Maestro macro here in the forum, you can contact me in the KM Forum (@appleinaer) if you are interested. I am happy to make the macro available there.


That’s cool. Thanks for sharing @alexander. And welcome to the Hook Productivity Forum.

Is there a setting that prevents posting? CogSci Apps is fine with people sharing Keyboard Maestro macros here that integrate with Hook.

Thank you very much for the nice welcome @LucB :+1:

Unfortunately the Keyboard Maestro macro format cannot be uploaded to the forum:


Here is a download link. The KM Macro I have stored there:


If you use @LucB as well as Keyboard Maestro and Pastebot for the clipboard, this workflow would surely be something for you:

I have added the Pastebot workflow to my Keyboard Maestro palette. Here is the link for the palette you can see in the gif: