Simple adding to a group question

Here’s my scenario:

I’ve created a group with three documents.
I double click to launch a .txt file.
I bring up the Hook window and can see the two other linked documents.
I can’t seem to drag the fourth document into the Hook window to add that (making the group a total of four). If drag and drop functionality doesn’t exist (and it should), how do I add the fourth document?

Second question, how do I “unlink” a document from the group? I don’t see an “x” when I hover over a link in the Hook window and right-clicking doesn’t do anything.


  1. Hook doesn’t currently have the concept of a group. Linking is always considered with respect to a focal document (the current foreground resource)
  2. The Hook popup window doesn’t support drag and drop. So maybe you are referring to the menu bar icon?
  3. The Hook menu bar icon supports drag and drop linking. Please see: Menu Bar Window – Hook

If you want to “multi-link” with the menu bar icon, the trick is to use “Copy All Links” from one item, and then “Link to Copied Address” on another.

Again, there are no groups. to delete a link, invoke the Hook popup window in the context of a resource, select the resource, and hit ⌘⌫ (command key delete).

Hook popup window does not yet support multi-select.

Nb, to quickly select an item in the Hook window, just type its first character. Hook is designed to be used with the keyboard, though of course you can also use the trackpad/mouse.

I hadn’t realised you could type the first letter to go to a link — intuitively I had tried pressing the number key for 1st link, 2nd link etc.

Is it possible to add that so either first letter or position number highlights the relevant link?

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thank you. I’ve added it to the list of features to discuss.