Shift Integration

Is Shift integration likely in a future release?

I downloaded their app and saw they have no AppleScript dictionary.

So, I asked Shift, using this form: New Ticket - Shift and got this response back by email :

We currently do not have plans of linking Shift to a third-party tool, but I encourage you to fill out this survey to voice your request!

A bit surprised because there seem to be a ton of extensions for the product. Maybe their extension mechanism would provide additional hope. In any event, I filled out the survey making a feature request.

If you wanted to go through the same process, here are some tips: Contacting Developers of Other Apps – Hook.

Thanks, Luc!

Hi @jlilken - I’m a Shift user, too. I’ve also been looking at ways to use Hook and Shift. What are trying to do? Maybe we can put our heads together and find some workarounds?

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Letting them know that we’d like some automation of linking is the first step. It does not have to be AppleScript. E.g., the API can be a CLI or some bridge.

Hi, @RochelleB. Have been using Shift less lately, and no time right now to explore it. Thanks for reaching out, though.

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Great news!!! Shift has been updated to V8 and is no longer an Electron app. It now seems properly follows Hook links. I haven’t yet found that Hook can see linkable items in Shift, unfortunately. But it’s now running on a Chrome backend.

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