Revising Hook Names

When I create a Hook and pin it, the title of the Hook generally is that of the document or web page being hooked. If that title changes, the original title still appears as the name of the Hook or Bookmark.

Can this be changed so the name of the Hook changes when the name of the underlying item changes?

That implies some sort of “liveness”. I would think it’d be more realistic to be able to hand edit it - which might already be there.

Manual editing would be great too - but it is not available.

Worst case would be deleting it and creating a replacement - but deleting is not available either. (Yes, you can unpin it or wait for it to scroll of of the recents list, but it will always be there in the database.)

I’m aware this doesn’t solve the problem above, but if anyone comes here looking for a way to manually name Hook links, you can create a Hook file linking to the context and name it as wanted, then add that file to Hook.

Updating of hooks to files has been in Hook from day 1. In Hook 2.0, we did introduce a feature such that bookmark names are updated automatically for any type of object : when Hook is invoked on an object, if the object has changed, it updates the internal hook name.

Sounds like something is going on with pinned bookmarks. I’ve asked a team member to verify that.


implemented internally and very likely to be published this month.