QuickLook functionality

Hi. I would like to be able to preview linked items in the Hook window, i.e., via QuickLook, instead of having to open them. For example, I’d like the option to simply preview a Hook note instead of having to open it. Seems consistent with the quick access ethic of Hook!


May I bump this request? @CogSci has not replied, so perhaps the request was lost in the shuffle?

@LucB do you have any thoughts on this. The way I would like to see this work is like QuickLook works in Finder, etc. You select the item to preview in the “Hooked Links” list, press Space, and a QuickLook preview opens. This saves a lot of time from having to open documents just to get info on what the document contains. Also, the macOS QuickLook panel gives opens for opening and sharing the previewed document.

Am I missing any one this. (I hope I’m not missing a feature that already exists.)

Thanks, Luc!!



Thank you for emphasizing the feature. It’s not in Hook yet. But @bshi , our dev manager, has been clamoring for it too! We are working on 2.0 which has major developments.

(For others reading this who might not know (but we get questions about it): the pricing model is such that the “2.0” nomenclature makes no difference price-wise compared to 1.x (just another update that way). The # bump is to convey the magnitude of the change.)

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