Quick Look and DEVONthink


If I link to a document using non-DT3 links (i.e. not x-devonthink), then the Quick Look function works fine.

DEVONthink itself supports Quick Look natively (it even uses the same shortcut :grinning:) but x-devonthink links in the Hook merely show an icon, not the Quick Look.

Quick Look with ordinary links:

Quick Look with x-devonthink links:

Is there a setting I should be turning on somewhere? Or is this expected behaviour or a bug? AFAICT, Hook and Devonthink both have the correct permissions in System Preferences > Privacy.

If not, please could the ability to use Quick Look on x-devonthink links be included as a feature?

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Sorry for bumping, but does anyone have an answer for this, please?

Many thanks!

Same question here and no answer/solution so far.

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Sorry, haven’t looked into it yet. I agree it would be a great feature. DEVONthink integration is important; lots of Hook ↔ DEVONthink users.

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That’s great. Thanks very much, Luc!