Problem with sync

Using Hook Pro on M2 MB Air and Mac Studio, both with current OS. I have iCloud sync turned on for both Macs. Sync was working, but have noticed sync not working for at least a couple of days.

I currently have 133 bookmarks on Mac Studio, and 126 on MB Air.

I have already tried:

  • Deactivate/ reactivate iCloud sync in Hook prefs
  • Uncheck/ recheck Hook in iCloud Drive (system prefs) on both Macs
  • Reboot both Macs

Other iCloud sync (ie, other apps) works fine
Any thoughts/ suggestions appreciated!

I am now seeing that sync IS working but it seems to take 1-2 days for a new bookmark to sync across iCloud to the other Mac… not sure why it takes so long…

iCloud sync can be unpredictable. If the issue persists please keep us posted.